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Top Class Real Estates Company

A promising Turkish company specializing in real estate consultancy and brokerage, based in Istanbul. It has agents in several Arab cities, foremost of which is Qatar, and many agreements with most of the major construction companies in Istanbul, focusing on foreign real estate investors and those wishing to own in Turkey. Top Class achieved successive successes in the Turkish real estate markets during its long career. Extensive practical experience, good reputation locally and regionally, gained the confidence of foreign investors and Turkish construction companies.

Our Vision

We look at Turkey as the next investment paradise, as it is the paradise of the land for tourists, and the hopes of investors. We believe in the principle of brotherhood of countries, the friendship of people, wherever you are, your home, your people and your country. Real Estate Education We publish a series of seminars on property ownership in Turkey. We also publish and publish specialized articles on the Turkish economy, the latest developments in infrastructure, new laws relating to real estate, and other matters of interest to the investor and who wants to own or live in Turkey.

Why Turkey?

The new Turkey is a rapidly rising and confident country, and its growth index is known only to jump and rise, coinciding with the revolution of infrastructure, government facilities, industrial and medical development, and giant projects that take Turkey from past to future quickly! Such as Istanbul Airport III project located in the area of ``Arnaout Kui`` north of the city of Istanbul, an area of about 7500 hectares, and accommodates 200 million passengers a year, up to 350 points globally. With the harmony of the people and the authority, the country enters into a day of stability and is the heart of investors. Top Class Real Estate includes all types of real estate: apartments of all kinds, smart apartments, duplex, penthouse, office apartments, luxury or cheap ... Villas of all types We have separate villas and joint , Villas with sea view, villas for rent, villas for investment ... Shops We also have good options from offices, shops, warehouses, in vital areas, ready and under construction. Land and for those who want to own and invest land, we offer options for land intended for construction and agriculture.

Our approach in choosing the property

We suggest you the property according to your goal of it: investment or housing? Or both? What are your primary features: view, location, aesthetic construction, government guarantee ...? In light of this, we offer you a range of options that are closest to your order, taking into account your budget.

The company's departments

Marketing - Real Estate Consulting - Sales - After Sales Services - Human Resources.


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