Amasya is the unique Turkish city that left many traces between mountains and the sea, so come with us and learn about its most important landmarks and places to attract tourists to it.

Turkey Amasya is the largest and greatest historical jewel in the Black Sea region, as it carries in its history the country and multiple civilizations that passed through it and centered its effects to be one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Turkey and in the Anatolia region, where many tourists, especially history lovers, visit it.

Amassya or as Amasya is also considered one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey, it has a very beautiful historical charm represented in its unfamiliar landmarks, so you can start your tour in the village of Amasya North Coast by recognizing its attractive nature that formed its tourist face to be a kiss and a basic destination that made it a city of kings and princes .
The Amasya River cuts the city and divides it into two halves, and this river is the longest and most beautiful in the region as it provides exclusive views for you to take a tour along its length, and in the north of the river you can go up the mountain and it will be a pleasant trip especially for climbing lovers, And the highest mountain for you to get acquainted with the natural museum of the Turkish village of Amasya, which is represented in the tombs of the Valley of the Kings, which are represented in tombs carved in the rocks of up to 20 tombs that give an attractive view at night.

Amasya Location

The city of the Ottoman princes “Amasya” is located between the mountains above the coast of the Black Sea, in a narrow valley called the “Hershina” valley, located on the banks of the “Yesil Armaq” river. It is the capital of the Amasya Province. It is estimated that this city is about seven thousand years old, and the kings and princes came out of it as a center for their ancient training, in addition to artists, scholars, poets and thinkers, from their wooden houses dating back to the Ottoman period, and the tombs of kings carved into the slopes, which made them an attractive place for visitors.
Amasya is located in the central region of Karadeniz in the Black Sea region of Turkey, 8 hours from Istanbul and 4 hours from Ankara, and can be reached by bus or plane to the Marzifon region.

Recreational activities in the city of Amasya Turkey

Amasya has some nightlife, especially bars and cafes for visitors and some basic restaurants, it is not a very conservative city unlike other Central and Eastern Anatolia cities.

There is one airport in Amasya open for civilian flights since 2008, which was previously only used for military purposes, there are daily one-hour flights to and from Istanbul.

The city’s main sights include the white-painted Ottoman houses lined with sides of Pontic’s ancient rock tombs engraved on the side of the mountain overlooking the city.

The city also has many historically and architecturally valuable buildings, such as: the Farhat Canal, the Burmese Seljuk Mosque of the thirteenth century, and the Yildirim Beyazit mosque and complex from the fifteenth century, and there are well-preserved traditional Turkish palaces that show the best examples of Turkish architecture, Here are some places you can visit:

Hazeranlar Palace

The 19th-century Hazeranlar Palace has been completely restored and is now of great importance through an art gallery on the first floor and an ethnographic museum on the second floor. The Archaeological Diamond Museum contains an interesting collection including the mummies of the Ilhani rulers of Amasya.

On the Harşena rock over the city is the listed site of the Royal Palace and the tombs of the Pontus kings (illuminated at night).

Farhat water channel

The Farahat canal was built in the Hellenistic period to meet, with a length of about 75 widths and a length of 18 kilometers, and it was built by digging canals based on the balance system, and carving some tunnels and brick walls built in some places.

Ainali Cave (The Tomb of the Rock)

It is about three kilometers from the city center, and on the way to the Ziaret neighborhood that separates the road to the right from the surrounding highway towards Samsun, it is the best decorated and completed cemetery among the other King Rock tombs.

Amasya Archaeological Museum

The Amasya Archaeological Museum houses a large and interesting collection of artifacts from many antiquity, including mummies from the rulers of Ilkhanli in Amasya.

Lake Burabay

Lake Burabay, 65 km northeast of Amasya in the Tasova region, is a lake with a crater with an impressive view and fresh air. It is an ideal area for fishing (especially trout), hiking and sports.

Saraydüzü Casern Museum

It is the Liberation War Museum and is used for conferences, meetings, speeches, etc. Mainly, it is used as a conference center.