It is necessary to obtain a record of the ownership of the property in order to protect the rights of the owner of the property. The record of the ownership of the property is the document that is obtained to indicate that the owner has the right of ownership on the specified floor of the building.

floor easement

There is another record called “floor easement” and it is called in Turkish (Kat irtifakı), which the construction contractor usually issues to obtain the necessary financing for the project. (Tabu), what gives the title deed (Tabu) the character of the easement bond and not a full title deed, this type of real estate document is defined as the stage that must be passed before obtaining a complete title deed, and the easement deed proves the title of the owner of the bond in the construction to be created Or who will start creating it on a certain piece of land, and who It has not been completed yet, but it is fixed in the records of the Real Estate Department (Tabu), stating the location and number of each section of it and who owns it, and in the event of completion of the project or construction with the approval of housing from the municipality – if it is in accordance with the Turkish conditions and standards – it turns Easements to complete title deed.

The construction contractors

The construction contractors usually display the properties of the building to be sold to the buyer through this register, in a form in which the features are indicated accurately with the details, but on the other hand it is necessary to obtain a document of the land registry of property because this document enables the property owner to obtain a housing license.

Law No. 5711 issued in the year 2007 and published in the Official Gazette of November 27, 2007 on floor ownership indicates the need to obtain a record of floor ownership, and the law states that financial fines will be imposed on landlords who do not register the property and obtain a registry document Deck property.