And it is called in Turkish (Kat Mülkiyeti), which are documents that register the ownership of real estate after the completion of construction completely, and designate the independent departments therein with the approval of using each section separately, and each section is regulated by a complete ownership deed of its own, proving the ownership of the owner of the bond on the independent section In the aforementioned building.

Ownership and easement bonds differ from agricultural land and land suitable for construction bonds in terms of the information contained therein, where the number of the apartment or the independent section, its location in the building and its share of the land on which the building is located, and in the absence of such information in the title deed, This means that the property in question has not yet acquired the full right of ownership or the right of real estate easement, but if the independent section number, location, share of the land, and other information related to it, and its gender are mentioned as building land, then this means that the property has obtained the right of easement, and in the case of mentioning The gender of the property as a building or villa Or an apartment, this means that the property in question must have acquired the full ownership right, as this is defined by referring to the tab type field: Full ownership, real estate appropriation, or transitional ownership.

The full title deed indicates the building area, the number of parts and the part of the person in question and the number of this part and on any floor located, along with its specifications, i.e. this type clearly shows the section of the person who is buying and proves the transfer of ownership of the specified section to the person concerned, which is a type of completed real estate bond In a positive way from the legal point of view, real estate owners obtain it after obtaining housing approval from the municipality, to match the project to the Turkish standard conditions and criteria for housing and residence, where the owners of them after that do not face any legal problem at all.

Housing approval

It is the approval that is issued by the municipality for buildings that are constructed according to specific criteria, as it proves that the building in question has been created according to what was mentioned in the certified construction project, and in order to obtain housing approval, it must adhere to the standards imposed by the state, such as the existence of a fire ladder and cases Emergency, and that the building is earthquake-resistant, and there are adequate extinguishing cylinders available within the building and others; the task of obtaining housing approval falls on the contractor or the construction company executing the project, and after obtaining the housing approval, the easement bonds of all buyers are converted into full ownership bonds.

Transitional Title Deeds (Sharing Deed)

Transitional ownership is the right to ownership of the property for a specified period of the year. Transitional ownership of the property is limited to a period of 7, 10 or 15 days in a year. It means: buying a property in partnership with a defined period of use for this property, which is common in private real estate to spend holidays and the like, and enjoys The owner has all the property rights of selling, renting and assigning his right to other people.