Turkey is famous as a station to receive Arab and foreign tourists, from all directions, from the beholder to its wonderful cities and its supernatural nature, so that the number of its visitors increases every year, and this is why you see crowded numbers of tourists in various cities, archaeological areas, parks and natural resorts, and mountains, so the region is not empty From the feet of tourists, and one of its favorite tourist cities, the city of “Marmaris”
Marmaris Turkey has become a name that occupies a prominent place in the list of the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey, as it is the perfect address for a wonderful trip that cannot be forgotten, in which stunning natural scenes are mixed with recreational activities that suit all ages and tastes.
In the Turkish city of Marmaris, green and blue colors are scattered along the long coast of the city in which the bays abound, and this gives them great distinction by nature.

The most important tourist destinations in Marmaris Turkey

Here we will mention the most important activities and places that tourism includes in Marmaris, Turkey

Aqua Dream Marmaris Water Park

One of the most beautiful tourist places in Marmaris, Turkey has been provided with a lot of updated water games in addition to swimming pools with fun water slides where guests can spend unforgettable times

Dalian District

Dalyan Archeological Zone in Marmaris, Turkey, which is reached by riding a yacht or steamship is considered one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Marmaris, Turkey it contains archaeological sites carved in the rock and in the highest mountains
You can also enjoy a wonderful cruise, ending with a turtle beach, and a rare group of marine creatures

Icmeler Beach

The city of Marmaris owns one of the most wonderful beaches, and the most beautiful in Turkey is called the Icmeler Beach or the Golden Beach, due to the extreme clarity of its waters, the beach is considered one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Marmaris in Turkey

Marmaris Bazaar

One of its most popular markets is the Bazaar of Marmaris, Turkey, which includes more than a thousand stores in which you can find everything that crosses your mind, and there are also many other markets that fill the city, where every Friday’s market is located in the old bus station, and there are markets that open on other days, In the surrounding villages, honey, spices, carpets and other goods are sold.

The Safari Pocket

One of the most enjoyable activities of tourism in Marmaris, Turkey. All you have to do is strap your head with a hat, wear comfortable clothes, and sneaker in preparation for the Safari adventure, in addition to about 40 other groups that compete with them to reach the final point and fight a fierce match with water guns!

Turkish bath

Do not miss yourself on the Turkish bath in the Turkish city of Marmaris, it includes the best specialists in this field, about an hour of massage and relaxation in soaps and perfumed oils and take advantage of the mud mask that cleans your skin and opens its pores.
Turkish baths are one of the most famous tourist places in Marmaris, which are intended for tourists

Marmaris Castle

It is an ancient historical castle in the Turkish city of Marmaris, built by the Greeks in 1044 BC and then destroyed. It was rebuilt in 1522 by order of Solomon the Magnificent where he used it as a military base. Today the castle contains many archaeological and artistic exhibits, including ornaments, cash, textile works, carpets , Copper, kitchenware, weapons, and many more.

Marmaris City Location

 Marmaris is located in the southwestern side of Turkey, on the coast of the Aegean Sea in the region where this sea meets the Mediterranean, and this city belongs to the Turkish province of Ogla, and it is one of the cities that has a beautiful nature that made it an important tourist site for Turkey, and this made its economy dependent on Tourism is a great deal, and many Arabs are interested in visiting this city because of the similarity of the culture of its inhabitants to our Arab culture, except for the historical places that a visitor can enjoy. The Marmaris climate is also characterized by warmth throughout the year, so excursions are not limited to the summer It cannot be visited at any time of the year

History of the city of Marmaris

 This city has an ancient history that dates back to the years before BC, and it is likely that there is a group of people who were the first to live in it and their name was the people of Kar, and for this reason its name was at that time Kariya, and it was later known as Viskus, and over the past centuries many palaces have been built The buildings whose ruins have been around for centuries, and the visitor can see the rest of the buildings bearing the effects of several different civilizations such as: the civilization of the Persians, the ancient Egyptians, as well as Rome and others. During World War I, many important historic buildings in the city were destroyed, and the city’s prosperity in the 1980s led to the devastation of large parts of the remaining historical buildings. In this city, the largest natural port in the land, surrounded by a number of hills and mountains where there are many pine trees, in addition to rare types of trees growing there, and for this, tourists are taken on a boat tour to see this picturesque nature before wandering within the city.