It is the document that is organized regarding a specific real estate. The ownership of the property is confirmed for the person mentioned in the document. It includes information about the real estate and real estate survey numbers, and determines the location of the real estate. This document is organized by the Real Estate Registry Directorate.

The real estate deed (the title deed) is only given to the owner of the property (the legal owner). As for the people who have other rights in the real estate concerned other than owning (such as the lessor or the current one), they are not given the title deed. In real estate, as each of them can be given a special bond, but this does not mean that each of them gets a separate bond for the property, but rather shows the share of the owner of the bond in the real estate, where the owner of the bond writes the name of the bond with his share.

The title deed shows the ownership of the person (full or partial) whose name is mentioned in the deed of the property, so if the name of only one person is mentioned in the owner’s field without mentioning a ratio as 1/3 or 1/5 or other, then this means that the property is owned by the person whose name is mentioned in the deed only If the ratio is mentioned, then this means that there is a partner, and that the person named in the property owns as much as the percentage mentioned in the bond, just as the partners in one real estate are partners in all sections of the property, meaning that the partner in the property does not have a dedicated part of the property and for other partners Other parts, but all are partners in the whole.

Each apartment within a building or villa that has obtained the full ownership right or the right of easement, is considered a separate property in itself, and this is why each of these departments has its own bond.