The Turkish passport scored 121 points on the Don Travel Index, in 2013, the Turkish passport ranked 26th in the world. The Turkish passport allows its holder to enter 72 countries and more without the need for a pre-entry visa and 42 countries allow entry to the Turkish passport holder and issue the visa upon arrival, 7 countries grant their visa to the Turkish passport holder electronically

What are the countries that the holder of the Turkish passport can enter
The Turkish passport holder can enter 72 countries without a visa, including: Qatar, Indonesia, Iraq, Morocco, Japan, Tunisia, Jordan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Brazil, Hong Kong, South Africa, Serbia, Georgia, Northern Cyprus, Uruguay, Ukraine Thailand, Argentina, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brunei, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador
Also, the holder of the Turkish passport can cross to more than 42 countries and obtain his visa upon arrival, including: Bahrain, Lebanon, Kuwait, and most of the African countries
He can enter with an electronic visa to the Sultanate of Oman, Australia and 5 other countries.
Many countries grant the holder of the Turkish passport the visa on easy terms, and it is expected recently that Turkey will join the European Union. Within the framework of the ongoing international negotiations and agreements between Turkey and the European Union. Accordingly, the Turkish citizen will be permitted to enter the European countries without a visa.

Turkish passport privileges

  1. Grant a holder of full citizenship rights from election and nomination
  2. A long-term passport that needs to be renewed only once every 10 years
  3. You do not have to give up your original nationality, so dual citizenship is your legal right
  4. It grants the owner the right to benefit from free health and educational services
  5. One of the highest rated passports in the world
  6. You can receive your passport in a relatively short period (generally no more than three months)
  7. How to obtain a Turkish passport

According to the decision to grant Turkish citizenship to investors for the year 2018, it became possible to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for real estate investment of $ 250,000 only, and not to sell for 3 years, instead of a million dollars according to the previous decision